Want to Take Care of Minor Dental Issues at Home? Try These 3 Natural Treatments

If you want to keep your teeth and gums healthy, you do have to go to the dentist at least twice a year. This is particularly important if you want to avoid cavities, gum disease and tooth loss. However, there are some things you can do at home to take care of minor issues. Here are some natural ways to take care of your mouth.

Dry Mouth

Your mouth needs lots of moisture to keep it healthy. A dry mouth can lead to serious dental issues. You can relieve dry mouth with a glass of water and a lemon. The lemon juice will jump start your salivary glands and relieve your dry mouth.


  1. Fill a glass with water.
  2. Squeeze the juice from ½ a lemon into the water.
  3. Sip on the water.

Tooth Whitening

If you drink a lot of coffee or enjoy a glass of red wine, you're teeth are probably a little stained. However, you don't have to buy commercial whitening toothpastes. You can make your own natural toothpaste right at home.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Small glass bowl
  • ¾ teaspoon of baking soda
  • 4 drops of tea tree oil
  • Toothbrush


  1. Place the baking soda in your bowl.
  2. Add 4 drops of tea tree oil to the baking soda.
  3. Mix to form a light paste.
  4. Dip your moistened toothbrush into the mixture.
  5. Brush your teeth as usual.
  6. Repeat this process several times a week to keep stains away.

Minor Toothache Pain

If you don't have swelling or obvious damage associated with the toothache you can use this simple home remedy to relieve the pain.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Small bowl
  • Several cloves
  • Rolling pin
  • Olive oil


  1. Use your rolling pin to crush several cloves.
  2. Place the crushed cloves in the bowl.
  3. Add a teaspoon of olive oil to the cloves.
  4. Use your finger or a cotton swab to rub the oil on your affected tooth and gums.
  5. For severe pain, you can soak a cotton ball in the oil and place it between your painful tooth and the side of your mouth for about 10 minutes.
  6. Repeat as necessary.

To keep your teeth and gums healthy, you should see your dentist on a regular basis. For minor problems, you can use these simple home remedies to take care of the issues. If your toothache pain becomes unbearable, or you develop an abscess, you need to contact a dental clinic such as Adams Dental Center as soon as possible.