4 Simple Tips to Keep Healthy Teeth and Gums on the Road

Traveling can take a lot out of anyone. It is also a time when we neglect the most important hygiene habits that we normally do at home. By finding quick, easy ways to practice those hygiene habits while on the go, you're able to keep your teeth and gums healthy while on the road.

1. Take Hydrogen Peroxide with You

Hydrogen peroxide is good for whitening teeth, and it is also good for sterilization. Keeping a small container with you while on the go can help you clean your toothbrush when it is needed. After you brush your teeth, you can squeeze the solution over the bristles to remove the bacteria and extra germs from the brush.

2. Go Travel Sized

Stock up on travel sized toothpaste, toothbrushes, and even floss. This not only reduces the amount of space you use in your bag, but it means you have a quick go-to while you're out and about. There are many small tooth care travel kits that can be purchased that come in many sizes and colors. This allows you to have everything you need in one neat carrying case while on the go.

3. Be Cautious of Hotel Counters

Even in the most upscale hotels, you need to be careful of germs in the room, especially the bathroom. Hotel bathroom counters can lead to bacteria and additional germs that you do not want to touch your toothbrush. In a CBC news investigation, after testing for germs and bacteria, some hotels did not pass the test. A reading of lower than 300 ATP (adenosine triphosphate) indicates a passing scale. Above 1000 means the hotel has failed. One of the highest readings was 30,604.

When you place your toothbrush on the counter, it comes into contact with these germs. Wipe down the bathroom counter area when you arrive with travel sized disinfectant wipes. Place your toothbrush in a bag or with a toothbrush cover on it. This places a barrier between the counter and your toothbrush. You're keeping it safe from the many germs found on the counters in the hotel room.

4. Avoid Sugary Snacks

Road trips can be lengthy and boring, which means you may want to snack often. Plan ahead of the trip and pack healthy snacks. Try snacking on carrot sticks or celery instead of the sugary treats you find in convenience stores.

By following the above tips, you're able to enjoy your time away without the worry of oral problems. If you've had any complications while on the road, follow up with your dentist (like those at Yap Adwen P DDS - Family Dentistry ).