Five Reasons You May Need Dentures

If you are having chronic pain or problems with tooth decay, then it may be time to consider dentures. They are not just for the elderly; many otherwise healthy patients can benefit from getting dentures in the cases described below. 

Loose teeth

If your teeth shift a lot, there are large gaps in between your teeth, or you have teeth that are loose, then this is a recipe for disaster. If you want to try keeping your natural teeth, you may be faced with repeat dental visits to keep your teeth aligned and keep them from falling out. Instead, you may want to opt for dentures--this is often a more cost-effective option for these patients. 

Missing Teeth

Partial dentures are a great solution when you have one or a few teeth missing. If you leave the gaps in your mouth, it may cause other teeth to shift and become crooked or loose. Dentures will provide better spacing for your teeth and give you a more even surface to chew with. 

Frequent Tooth Decay

If you are experiencing repeat problems with certain teeth, then you may want to get a partial denture in order to stop the decay. With repeat fillings and root canals, you could be looking at a hefty bill for each tooth; dentures are a more cost-effective and permanent solution for trouble spots in your mouth. 

Gum Disease

If you have warning signs of gum disease, such as bloody or swollen gums, then dentures may be in your future. Gum diseases may lead to deterioration of your bone mass, which will make it difficult for your teeth to stay in place. The problem becomes a vicious cycle, since loose teeth then will place more pressure on your gums. Dentures are a good option for late-stage gum inflammation. 

Recurring stomach problems

If you experience indigestion on a regular basis, consider that you may have hidden tooth problems that are causing you to become ill. For instance, if you have a cavity that is deep enough, it may start leaking bacteria and decayed material into your mouth. 

The good news is that if you catch some of these problems early enough, you may be able to delay the onset of tooth decay. Dental procedures can help prevent you from needing dentures in the near future, but keep in mind that dentures may be the best option for keeping you comfortable and healthy. 

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