Need A Dental Crown? 3 Reasons Standard Fillings Are Not Enough

If your dentist wants to place a dental crown on one of your teeth, you may want to know why a standard filling won't work. Fillings are less expensive than crowns; however, they do not always work for fixing teeth. Here are three reasons your dentist might be suggesting a crown instead of a filling.

Too Much Decay

Dental fillings made of composite material cost between $135 to $240 each, but they do not work well when there is too much decay present on a tooth. When decay first begins to form, there is only a small amount present. If the decay stays on the tooth for months or years, it can spread, causing the decay to take over a tooth.

At that point, a dentist could try to remove the decay and replace it with a filling, but the filling would be too large and would probably fall out quickly. Instead of using a filling, your dentist may want to cover the tooth with a crown after removing the decay from the tooth.

Tooth Isn't Strong Enough

The second reason crowns are used occurs when teeth are not strong enough. When a lot of decay is found on a tooth, it must all be removed before the tooth can be fixed. After the dentist removes all the decay, only a portion of the tooth will remain. This portion of the tooth will not be nearly as strong as an entire tooth is.

To protect the tooth and make it last, your dentist will probably recommend placing a crown over it. A typical porcelain dental crown can cost anywhere from $800 to $3,000, but this could be the only way to save this tooth.

There's An Infection In The Roots

The third reason is actually a combination of the first two. When a tooth has a lot of decay on it and a good portion of it must be removed, there is a chance that the tooth roots may be infected. If this happens, not only will you need a crown for the tooth, but you will also need a root canal.

A root canal is a procedure used to remove the infected roots and pulp from a tooth, but it cannot be completed without removing a portion of the tooth. This is needed so the dentist can reach the roots to clean them. Most root canal procedures result in needing dental crowns.

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