6 Benefits of Damon System Braces

Damon system braces offer people with misaligned teeth an effective orthodontic option to get the perfect smile. The cost of Damon braces is a bit higher than that of traditional braces. However, there are benefits that may make them your preferred choice:

Less Friction

Much of the alignment pressure associated with a traditional orthodontic treatment is due to friction. The elastic bands of conventional braces press the arch wire against the brackets, creating friction. In order to straighten your teeth, enough force has to be applied to overcome the friction and still move your teeth.

Less Pain

Since less force is needed to reposition your teeth, less pain is typically associated with the treatment. In addition, you may not have to visit your orthodontist as frequently for adjustments.

Faster Alignment

Lessening the friction associated with your orthodontic treatment allows your teeth to slide into place more quickly. The amount of time needed to align your teeth with Damon system braces is less than that needed for conventional braces.

Individual Movement

Damon system braces use a special bracket that is self-ligating. Although the teeth are grouped together by the Damon braces, the special, self-ligating bracket allows each of your teeth to move individually. Teeth that are crowded or growing in opposing directions can be aligned with greater ease by the individual positioning system. However, traditional braces move teeth in groups.

Less Noticeable

The brackets used with metal Damon system braces are not as noticeable as the brackets of traditional metal braces. Since the Damon brackets enclose the arch wire and don't require elastics to attach the wire to the bracket, the bulk of elastic bands is eliminated.  

Ceramic Damon braces, which are sometimes called clear Damon braces, are even less conspicuous than metal Damon braces. However, conventional braces are also available in ceramic.


Metal Damon braces are constructed of either stainless steel or polycarbonate. Both materials are strong and durable.

Straight teeth and a beautiful smile are possible for people with misaligned teeth. Multiple orthodontic options are available. However, Damon braces may be the best one for you.

Although Damon braces may be priced a bit higher than traditional braces, any plan that covers traditional braces covers Damon braces too. Talk with your Orthodontist today to learn how Damon braces could benefit you. In addition, if your insurance plan doesn't cover orthodontics, your orthodontist will also be able to share information about available payment plans and financing options. Find a provider of Damon braces, like Leo R Cullinan DDS MS, in your area.