5 Benefits Of Damon System Braces

Many people are aware of the metallic appearance and severe discomfort associated with conventional metal braces. However, nowadays, there are multiple tooth-straightening appliances, such as Damon system braces, that may be prescribed by an orthodontist. These new options offer advantages that traditional braces cannot provide.

Here are a few benefits of Damon system braces:

Self-litigating Brackets

With traditional braces, the archwire is attached to the braces using elastic ligatures. However, Damon system braces have self-litigating brackets that hold the archwire in position.

The brackets include tiny tunnels through which the archwire is fed. Thus, elastic bands are not necessary.

Less Painful Alignment

With Damon braces, less friction is associated with your alignment process. As a result, the straightening of your teeth is less painful than with conventional braces.

With traditional braces, frictional force is generated as the elastic bands hold the archwire in place. The force needed to align your teeth must be great enough to overcome this additional friction and still shift your teeth into position. This added force incites greater amounts of discomfort.

Faster Tooth Alignment

Due to the lack of friction, Damon braces also align teeth more quickly. Thus, fewer orthodontic visits are necessary, and your treatment is completed sooner. In fact, on average, treatment with Damon system braces is completed about six months sooner than treatment with conventional braces.

Less Noticeable

If you prefer braces that are less conspicuous than traditional braces, Damon system braces may be a great option for you. The bracket size is smaller than that of traditional braces, and Damon system brackets are available in ceramic.

Since the ceramic is tooth-colored, ceramic Damon braces are even more difficult to discern on the teeth. Still, ceramic brackets may be more expensive, so your orthodontist may suggest ceramic Damon brackets only for the teeth that are visible when you smile or speak.

Fewer Extractions

For teeth that are excessively crowded, traditional braces often require extractions to make room for the remaining teeth to shift into place. However, Damon system braces rarely require extractions or palatal expanders. Consequently, the treatment results require less discomfort and are more natural-looking.

There are multiple reasons that your orthodontist may prescribe Damon system braces for your alignment needs. However, a full assessment of your orthodontic condition must be performed before a specific alignment option can be prescribed. If you have misaligned teeth, contact an orthodontic office in your area to schedule an appointment and find out if Damon system braces are right for you.

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