The Advantages Of Clear Braces

When a person has crooked or misaligned teeth, it has a negative impact on both self-confidence and dental health. If this problem is not corrected, it can lead to further dental problems including gum disease and tooth loss. Fortunately, if the teeth are not severely out of alignment, this problem can often be corrected by wearing clear braces that are not even noticeable to others. These are some of the advantages of wearing invisalign braces to straighten the teeth.

A More Natural Appearance 

While metal braces work well at teeth straightening, they also make the teeth look even more unattractive when being worn. However, this is not an issue when wearing clear braces. Clear braces are made of a durable, see-through plastic that allows the white surface of the teeth to be easily visible while worn.

More Comfortable To Wear 

When metal braces are attached to the teeth, they must remain in place until they are ready to be professionally removed. This means that the wearer must eat with them, drink with them and sleep with them on for the full duration of time they must be worn. 

Clear braces are customized to fit snugly over and against the teeth so the straightening process will work correctly. However, clear braces can be easily removed by the wearer for short periods of time. This allows the person to eat or drink more naturally without the barrier of the braces interfering. Clear braces are also designed to fit well over the teeth without causing discomfort to the gums or mouth.

Safer To Wear 

Metal braces may feel tight and may pinch the gums while being worn. These braces contain wires and metal pieces that protrude from the teeth. It is not uncommon for the gums and the inside of the mouth to be cut from metal braces on occasion.

Clear braces are made of a smooth material that is designed to fit well over the teeth without causing damage to the gums or mouth. The plastic surface does not have sharp edges that can cut the gums or mouth when worn.

For some patients, wearing clear braces may take less time to correct dental problems than wearing metal wire and bracket braces. However, this depends on the severity of the dental problem and how long your orthodontist recommends that you wear them. Considering the other advantages of wearing clear braces, you may want to consider wearing them if your orthodontist believes the problem can be corrected.