Three Of The Best Foods To Eat To Avoid Periodontal Disease

Teeth are important and require constant care, however, according to the CDC over forty-seven percent of adults over the age of thirty suffer from periodontal disease. This is because, when it comes to the teeth and mouth, adults tend to do the bare minimum. Your teeth need more than just regular brushing and flossing. The foods you eat play and major role in your dental health. Below is a list of the best foods you can eat that will offer your teeth and gums the vitamins and minerals that are essential for their highest level of health.

Green Tea

When it comes to your improving the health of your teeth, your mouth requires polyphenols. Your mouth is a magnet for bacteria, and polyphenols reduce the levels of bacteria and acids that are in your mouth. When bacteria sits on your teeth for extended periods of time, it will start to corrode the enamel. The polyphenols that are found in green tea, will cling onto this bacteria and dissolve it naturally. Tea is also full of fluoride, which is great for the health of your teeth. It is important to not mask your tea with sugar and honey, because it will ruin the benefits of drinking the tea in the first place.


Pears are a delicious fruit that you can add to your diet that will promote dental health. This fruit is not acid, like most other fruit, so it will actually neutralize the amount of acids that are in your mouth instead of adding to it. Pears are also a fibrous fruit. Foods that are fibrous stimulate the production of saliva in your mouth. Saliva production is the mouth's own natural defense against bacteria and acid.


Onions have many health benefits for your entire body, including your mouth. Onions are a natural antibacterial, so they will clean out all of the bacteria that stores up in your mouth over the course of the day. Onions will benefit you if your teeth are already in the beginning stages of periodontal disease. Because of their antibacterial properties, they will clean out the harmful bacteria that is causing your gums to recede and will help your mouth to heal faster and healthier.

It is just as important to take care of your teeth as it is any other part of your body. The fact is, many adults suffer from gum disease in one form or another. By eating the foods listed above, you will better protect your mouth against the bacteria and acids that cause these dental diseases. For more information, talk to a professional like Preferred Family Dental.