3 Effective Options For Replacing Multiple Teeth

Losing multiple teeth can make you feel as though you can no longer function normally. Most people take the proper chewing of their food for granted. In addition, they may not consider their appearance as they smile. Once you have lost a number of teeth, you may be painfully aware that they are gone. Still, there are effective replacement options available. Here are a few of them:


If you have lost multiple teeth from the same palate, but there are still a number of your natural teeth remaining, your dentist may prescribe an overdenture. An overdenture is a partial denture. Like other dentures, it is comprised of resin or porcelain false teeth that have been firmly affixed to a base plate.

The overdenture is held in place using a special attachment component. The mechanism lies on the underside of the overdenture and is designed to connect to remaining natural teeth or to dental implants that have been installed. Although the mechanism holds the overdenture firmly in position, it can be easily released by the denture patient. Thus, the overdenture is still removable and can be easily taken out for periodic cleanings.

Full Dentures

A full denture is used when all of the teeth within a palate have been lost or extracted. The full denture is usually kept in position by the sectional force within the patient's mouth. However, some dental patients desire a more secure fit and may choose to use dental adhesive.

There are also implant-supported full dentures available. If a patient wants a stable support system for his or her dentures, the dentist may choose to install dental implants into the patient's gums at strategic sites to allow the denture to have a suitable connecting base for greater stability.

The placement of the dental implants may only take a day. However, the healing process may take several months. During that time, the implants, which are inserted into the bone of the jaw, become secured through the fusing of the metal implants with the jawbone. This stability allows a dental implant to provide as much stabilizing support as a natural tooth would.

Fixed Dental Bridges

Fixed dental bridges can also be used to replace multiple teeth. A bridge is designed to include false replacement teeth in the middle of the device with a dental crown bordering the bridge on each end. The crowns are placed over the natural teeth or dental implants that lie next to the gap that was caused by the missing teeth. The installation of the crowns ensures that the dental bridge remains in place permanently.

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