2 Reasons To Fall In Love With Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Do you have things about your smile that you want to change? Although you might be nervous about long orthodontic procedures or needing a pricey dental crown, dental bonding can resolve many common cosmetic problems without any of the normal dental hassles. Here are two reasons to fall in love with dental bonding, and how your dentist--someone from a place like The Family Dentist--might use it to create your ultimate smile.

1. Bonding Can Repair A Wide Range of Issues

Dental bonding is made from a composite resin material that mimics the opacity and color of your natural teeth. Available in a wide range of shades that your dentist can choose from, dental bonding can be used to:

  • Reshape Teeth: Dental bonding can be used to reshape teeth that have congenital defects. For example, if you were born with teeth that are too small or strangely shaped, your dentist can add dental bonding to the sides or bottom of the tooth to improve the dental contours. 
  • Repair Chips: Since dental bonding is designed to bond with your tooth's enamel and underlying dentin, it can be used to repair chipped areas.
  • Fill Gaps: To repair gaps between teeth, dentists can apply bonding on either side of a gap and use special spacing tools to maintain the natural space between the teeth. Dental bonding provides patients with a non-orthodontic alternative to repair gaps.
  • Cover Root Exposure: Aggressive brushing, injury, or previous gum disease can leave behind exposed roots that are sensitive to hot and cold. To make your teeth more comfortable, your dentist can use dental bonding to cover these areas.  
  • Correct Tooth Color: Dental bonding can also be used to alter the color of teeth. By placing thin layers of dental bonding over the visible portions of the teeth, your dentist can make your smile look clean and beautiful.

The next time you visit with your cosmetic dentist, talk with him or her about whether or not dental bonding is right for you. After checking for underlying issues and evaluating the health of your smile, they can talk with you about how dental bonding could improve your look.

2. Cosmetic Bonding Lasts

Another powerful reason to fall in love with dental bonding is the fact that it lasts and lasts. In fact, research has shown that dental bonding can last as long as 10 years. Also, since dental bonding is easy to remove and replace, damage to bonded areas is simple to fix.

If you think that dental bonding sounds like something that could improve your smile, make an appointment with your cosmetic dentist today.