Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Lumineers

Lumineers are a newer cosmetic advancement that many people have started to consider instead of veneers. Are you interested in trying lumineers but are not sure where to start? These frequently asked questions have answers that may ease some of your concerns.

How do dental lumineers compare to veneers?

Lumineers are considered stronger than veneers, and they may last longer in some cases. Additionally, lumineers do not require as much preparation of the tooth before application.

What types of issues do lumineers cover?

Lumineers are helpful in covering teeth that have experienced a number of issues, ranging from stains that can't be brightened to chips and fractures. Lumineers can help to cover small gaps between teeth to balance out a smile, and lumineers can also cover teeth that have been eroded or that have grown in crookedly.

How many office visits do lumineers require?

Treatment to apply lumineers typically requires two dental visits. First, you will have the lumineers fitted and the dentist will take necessary impressions. Once these are sent to the lab, you will come back for the final fitting.

Does the lumineer procedure hurt?

Lumineers are not considered painful to fit or shape. They are thin, so you are not likely to even notice them. Additionally, you will not notice sensitivity. Your lumineers will look and feel just like normal teeth, not causing pain later on down the road like other types of dentalware might.

Are there rules about what I can and can't eat with lumineers?

There are are typically not any foods you are unable to eat with lumineers. They act just like your natural teeth, so you are not really at risk for damaging them. You should be aware of potential staining by drinking things like red wine, coffee, tea, and dark soda, though.

How should I take care of my lumineers?

Lumineers require good dental hygiene. You still need to brush two or three times each day, and you still need to come in for your regular dental check-ups. There is no substitute for good oral hygiene.

Do you have additional questions about lumineers? It is important that you ask questions of your dentist if you have them. Your dentist can explain the procedure to you and provide you with extra information regarding cost and insurance coverage. Every situation is different, but you might find that lumineers are the perfect opportunity to enhance your lovely smile. Contact a clinic like Stones River Dental to learn more.