Just Got Dentures? Tips for Speaking Clearly Again

When you get dentures for the very first time, you may find that your speech is a bit off when using them. The shape of the teeth will suddenly be different, making subtle changes that are big enough to give you problems when speaking. Here are some tips that can help you speak clearly again with your new dentures.

Try Speech Exercises

A method you can try to improve the clarity of your speaking is to do speech exercises. While you may think you are getting practice by simply taking as you normally do, it helps if you practice making specific kinds of sounds that are causing you difficulty. You will need to train yourself how to make these sounds once again so they are clear and accurate to those you are talking to.

Avoid feeling embarrassed by practicing your speaking by yourself rather than with others. Making a lisp or slur when you speak can cause you to be self-conscious, so it is best to work problems out on your own initially.

Try saying dictation exercises or tongue twisters, since they are rather good at practicing specific, similar sounds. They also give you something to focus on saying for you to hear clearly, rather than just making letter sounds. 

Get Comfortable With the Shape of Your Teeth

The teeth that are going to be most problematic for speaking are the front teeth, so if you got partial dentures for them you may notice significant problems with speaking. If the teeth have changed shape, they will change the way your tongue is used to moving to make those sounds.

A technique that can help with enunciation is to lightly bite down on a pencil placed horizontally in your mouth. The goal of this exercise is to make your tongue work harder to make the sound you want since the pencil is in the way, and when you remove the pencil, it will have a much easier time doing so.

Work With a Dentist

When you find that you continue to have difficulties speaking, even after performing exercises, you should meet with your dentist. They can make alterations to your dentures that could improve your speaking clarity. Even a small adjustment can go a long way in making your speaking sounds clear to others. Your dentist should have no problems making the small adjustments for you. 

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