Do Both Of Your Kids Need Braces? 3 Strategies For Coping When Orthodontic Treatment Is A Family Affair

The teenage years have hit your house, and you knew that the day might come when you had more than one person receiving orthodontic treatment in your household. The good news is that you are fortunate to be able to get it all done at once, yet you wonder how you will ever survive with trying to keep two kids on track with their oral hygiene and appointments. Fortunately, it is possible to keep your sanity and help your kids develop beautiful smiles by using these three strategies.

Schedule Appointments Strategically

Most families today already have busy schedules that have little room for anything extra. Since getting braces is a priority, you can't leave it off your agenda. Work with your child's orthodontic office to find an arrangement for scheduling that works for you. While some parents prefer to schedule both kids on the same day, you may find it easier to keep the appointments shorter by going on separate days of the week. Either way, having a sense of control over the amount of time that you spend at the office makes it easier to fit it into your normal routine.

Create an Orthodontic Treatment Station at Home

Whether your child has Invisalign or a traditional set of brackets and wires, oral hygiene is more important than ever before. Your children may also have accessories that come with their braces such as rubber bands or aligner trays that you do not want to lose. Find a space in your bathroom where the kids can store all of their supplies. Then, stock up on oral hygiene products so as special flossers that can maneuver around metal wires so that your kids have everything they need to clean their teeth.

Explore Ways to Make Having Braces Fun

Teenagers look forward to seeing their new smiles, but they can sometimes find all of the extra work to be a bit of a drudgery. Look for ways to turn their orthodontic treatment into a happy experience such as having their orthodontist use bands on their brackets that match their school colors. Alternatively, you could plan a special celebration for each child when their treatment is complete.

A family full of braces eventually turns into one that is full of beautiful smiles. While you may have a few lifestyle changes to make over the next few months, you can keep it all together by staying organized and keeping our teen's eye on the prize. Contact an orthodontics office, like Reed & Sahlaney Orthodontics, LLP, for more help.