Gums Not Looking So Good? Know What Could Be Wrong

Many people think about the whiteness of their teeth and take steps to make them look good to others. However, the color of your gums can be just as important. If you have unhealthy gums, the color can make all your teeth not look too great as a result. Unfortunately, gums cannot be whitened like teeth can to improve their color. Here is what you need to know about odd-colored gums:

Pale Coloring

Having pale gums will make the white shade of your teeth look a bit off since people use your gum color as a comparison to what your teeth should look like. When the two colors look close to each other, the color looks odd to others.

From a health standpoint, pale gums could indicate a health problem with anemia. Anemia isn't always due to bad oral hygiene, but it's a problem you should catch out for. If you have gums that are looking like they are a pale shade of pink or white, visit your dentist to see if there is a health concern with anemia.

One solution to this problem is to be prescribed supplements that will blood your body's red blood cells, which will help restore the gums to their natural color once again.

Red Coloring

Gums that are red can be quite the eyesore when next to white teeth. This color is an indication that you have an infection or irritation in your gums. Your gums may also look puffy, which causes that red color to be seen between the teeth as well.

Catching this problem early on will help reverse the color back to their natural state. It's likely that you are seeing the initial stages of gum disease, which can be treated by a dentist.

Purple Coloring

Do you have teeth that are discolored with a tint of brown or yellow? If so, they'll look very bad when you have gums that have turned a shade of purple. This is a big indication that you have an oral health problem, such as periodontitis, which is a more advanced kind of gum disease. A trip to the dentist will set you on the right path to getting your gums back to normal, and prevent an infection.

Gums are what help frame healthy teeth, so you should be taking the necessary steps to ensure that they are healthy as well. Be concerned when you have gums that are not the healthy-looking pink color that they should be. Contact a family dentist near your for more information.