How Dental Veneers Help Those Impacted By Heavy Coffee Stains

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world and can become very addictive when drank in copious amounts. Unfortunately, coffee can also be very bad to the teeth and may trigger dental issues that are hard to predict and persistent. Thankfully, dental veneers can help with this situation and provide an individual with the strong teeth that they deserve.

Regular Coffee Consumption May Cause Dental Damage

Coffee is both black and somewhat acidic, neither of which are good for the teeth. The black nature of coffee can cause heavy stains that spread throughout the whole mouth. And the acidic nature can eat away at the enamel on a tooth and cause many types of oral health issues. This problem is one that may even occur if a person drinks just a handful of cups of coffee every day.

And while a person can severely cut back or even quit drinking coffee if their teeth get too heavily affected, it is often hard for that kind of damage to be removed. Regular teeth whitening may help but may do only so much to manage deeper issues. As a result, this situation may require the use of high-quality and long-lasting dental veneers. Doing so may just save a person's teeth.

Ways Dental Veneers Can Help

Those who are worried about their persistent coffee stains may want to get dental veneers after cutting back on their java intake. Dental veneers are thin covers that go over the front of the teeth. These veneers are strong enough to withstand a lot of potential decay and can cover up stains and keep them from spreading and becoming more damaging to the surface of a person's teeth. Just as importantly, dental veneers can also be used to cover up cracks or decays that may have started to appear due to coffee consumption. Once these cracks are covered, they won't spread and worsen and expose a person's teeth to other types of damage. In this way, veneers are one of the strongest ways to keep teeth strong in the head, particularly against minor dental damage issues.

Critically, veneers can be used in situations when a person's teeth are heading towards damage that may otherwise lead to them getting pulled. By taking care of that situation and stopping them from getting yanked, it is possible to extend their natural life and avoid the kind of extensive surgery that may otherwise accompany long-lasting coffee damage. 

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