Having A Crown Applied To Your Damaged Tooth

Depending on the amount and type of damage that your tooth has suffered, a crown may be the only option for saving it from needing to be replaced. If this is a dental problem that you are experiencing, there are some key assumptions to avoid making about the process of having a dental crown applied to the damaged tooth.

Assumption: A Crown Will Always Take A Week Or Longer To Be Ready

A crown will need to be custom-made to fit the specific size and dimensions of your damaged tooth. This need can lead to patients assuming that it will always take a week or longer for the crown to be ready to be placed in the patient's mouth. Luckily, this is not necessary as there are options that can be used to allow the crown to be ready as soon as possible. In fact, there are even same-day crown providers that will be able to have the crown ready in a matter of hours. This can be the fastest and most convenient option for a patient needing a crown as it can allow this procedure to be completed in a single trip.

Assumption: Having A Crown Applied To The Tooth Will Be Extremely Painful

There is another assumption among some individuals that the process of getting a crown will be painful or uncomfortable. Typically, the process of getting a crown applied will only cause minor discomfort for the patient. In fact, the underlying damage to the tooth is likely to cause far more discomfort than the actual process of applying the crown. Furthermore, a patient can use over-the-counter medication to reduce any tenderness or swelling that they experience following the placement of the crown.

Assumption: Dental Crowns Will Look Noticeably Different From The Rest Of Your Teeth

Modern dental crowns are made to be as discrete as possible for patients. This is important for preserving the appearance of your smile once the crown has been placed on the tooth. As part of the process of being fitted for a crown, the dentist will strive to match the color of the crown to the rest of the teeth. If the crown has been effectively colored, individuals that are looking at your smile will have a difficult or even impossible time picking out the tooth that has a crown applied to it. For individuals that need to regularly meet with clients or have their pictures taken, keeping the crown as discrete as possible can be essential.

For more information regarding crown restoration, reach out to a dentist.