Solutions To 3 Common Tooth Issues

Nothing destroys your peace of mind faster than when you have a dental health issue. It can distract you from work, distort your face, and make it difficult to talk, eat and perform many other activities. Understanding the cause of a tooth problem will help you get a solution before it escalates and costs you the tooth. Here are the most common issues with your teeth and tricks to help you resolve them. 

Discoloration and Stains

This is a common concern for many people. They struggle with the issue because it affects how they smile and their confidence when talking to other people. The food you eat, your habits, and also your dental hygiene lead to stained teeth. You can resolve stained teeth in two ways. First, you could decide to get over-the-counter whitening solutions. These might work when your stains are light. However, it is best to whiten your teeth in the presence of a competent dentist. They will recommend the ideal whitening solution that will not leave you with side effects like tooth sensitivity or uneven results. 

Decayed Teeth

Tooth decay is another common dental health issue for many people. The gradual deterioration process starts with poor dental hygiene and diet. Once the plaque bacteria start eating away at the enamel, they open up the damage to the dentine and other inner layers. If you do not address the problem at that point, the pulp cavity gets a bacterial infection that can be very painful to handle. The best way to resolve decay is through a dental assessment. If it has reached the soft tissue inside the tooth, the dentist may recommend a root canal procedure to clean out the damaged tissue. They will then replace it with a sealant and cover the tooth with a crown to prevent further damage. 

Sensitive Teeth

You will notice tooth sensitivity when you keep wincing in pain after taking food at extreme temperatures. For example, you will wince in pain when you eat ice cream and also when you eat hot soup. It indicates that your nerves are exposed through the erosion of the structures that cover them. However, a dentist can recommend products to strengthen the enamel and reverse the sensitivity before it becomes a severe issue. 

Speak to a local family dentist such as Dawn Grosser-Mason about these issues and any other dental health complications you might have. They can assess your mouth, make a dental diagnosis and suggest the best solutions for restoration or mitigation.