What Is The Laser Whitening Process?

If your teeth are stained, yellow or discolored, you can get them whitened. While there are tray whitening products sold in stores, going to your dentist is highly preferred. They will use professional-grade products and their expertise to get your teeth as white as possible. Laser whitening is a newer procedure done in dentist's offices, which uses a whitening gel and low-level laser to whiten deep within the enamel of your teeth. Here is what the process is like.

Considering the Reasons

Before looking into how the process works, it helps to know why you should choose laser whitening over other methods. First of all, it is very efficient at removing stains from smoking cigarettes; drinking dark-colored liquids like red wine, cola, or coffee; and lack of proper dental hygiene.

Laser whitening is often seen as better than tray whitening systems used by dentists because it shows immediate results and is done in as little as an hour. With tray whitening, you need to wait a couple weeks for the custom trays to be fabricated, plus you still do some of the whitening on your own. However, all of the laser whitening process is done right in the dentist's office.

Also consider the fact that while laser tightening has a higher initial cost, the overall costs end up being very affordable. This is because you only spend an hour in the dentist's office and the results last longer than with home whitening or tray whitening methods. Many dentists offer affordable options for laser whitening.

Preparing Your Teeth

The first step of the laser whitening process is preparing your teeth. Before you can get them whitened, your teeth must be cleaned and treated. You will need to go through a professional cleaning by your dental hygienist, otherwise the whitening process won't be as effective. You should also get a check-up by your dentist first in order to treat any cavities or decayed areas. This is because it can cause pain and sensitivity if you have any tooth decay. If you just need a quick cleaning, this is done before the whitening process during the same visit.

Applying the Whitening Gel

The next step of the laser whitening process is applying the gel. You will lie back in the dentist chair and have a guard placed in your mouth that opens your mouth and exposes your teeth. A whitening gel is applied to the front surface of all your teeth. This gel is painted on using a small paintbrush-like tool and left to sit for several minutes. This allows the gel to soak deep into the enamel, so the laser is able to effectively whiten the teeth.

Using the Low-Level Laser

The laser is a low-level light that shines directly onto your teeth. Once the whitening gel has been applied, this light shines on your mouth where it can activate the whitening gel. Once it activates it, the gel begins to whiten the tooth enamel. The laser shines on your teeth in 15-minute increments, whitening your teeth further each time. Your dentist will assess your teeth after each 15-minute session to see how white they have become. You will be in charge of how white they get, telling your dentist to stop once you are happy with the results.

Consult with an office, such as Bishop Michael R DMD & Associates, to see if laser whitening is a good option for you.