2 Things To Know About Yellow Teeth

Do you have teeth that look discolored, yellow, or dull? If so, you're likely wondering why this problem is happening to you and how you can stop it from getting worse. Teeth discoloration is something that can happen naturally as you get older, but certain habits are known to speed up the process. Here is what you need to know about yellow teeth.

Why Discoloration Occurs

The reason that teeth become more yellow as you get older is because that protective layer of enamel starts to slowly wear off your teeth. The layer of enamel is very bright and white, and it has contributed to the white color that you feel your teeth should look white. That's why having enamel that wears away can be quite striking to you when it affects the color of the teeth.

In addition, habits like smoking cigarettes can also lead to teeth discoloration. Drinking dark beverages regularly, like coffee or soda, can also contribute to discoloration. Consider evaluating what you eat and drink and if that has a factor on the color of your teeth.

Be on the lookout for anything acidic that is in your diet, and consider cutting those items out. That is because acidic foods will eat away the protective layer of enamel on the teeth over time. If the inner portion of the teeth become exposed, it will start to show as more of a yellow color.

How To Prevent Discoloration

While eliminating bad habits is a good start to slow down discoloration, you should also consider how you are brushing your teeth. Using a toothpaste with whitening properties can slow down discoloration, but it won't actually whiten your teeth permanently as you may be led to believe. This is because the enamel has already worn away and exposed the inside of the teeth. At home whitening products can help to remove surface level stains, but the difference may not be noticeable.

Consider visiting dentist that offers teeth whitening services. They may recommend a bleach solution that you can use at home to provide noticeable results over time, or use laser treatment in their office that provide instant results. In some situations, a dentist may also recommend dental veneers as a way to cover up the surface of the teeth to give them the color you have always wanted.

The only way to know your options is to schedule a consultation with a dentist and see what dental treatments they recommend.