Have A Child That Plays Sports? Know These Tips To Care For Their Oral Health

It can be exciting to see your child involved in sports at a young age. However, have you thought about the impact it can make on their oral health? Here are some things to consider when you have a child that is involved in sports.

Watch What They Drink

Being involved in sports may lead to your child consuming more sports drinks to stay hydrated. While these drinks may have the electrolytes your kids need, they are not exactly good for their teeth. These beverages are sweetened, and constantly consuming them can be bad for a child's teeth. You are better off having them drink water regularly, especially when they will be practicing and playing so frequently.

If they are not staying away from sports beverages, make sure that they are really good about brushing their teeth at the end of the day. Keeping their teeth clean is going to keep them cavity-free at their next dental checkup.

Use A Mouthguard

If your child is playing a contact sport, it is worth asking your dentist about having a mouth guard made for them to wear. While your child can use a basic mouthguard to protect their mouth, it is not going to be very comfortable, which may prevent them from using it regularly. These basic mouthguards involve boiling a material so that it is soft, and then biting down on them to create a mold that fits around their teeth. A custom made mouthguard from a dentist is going to be much more comfortable. After all, your child's teeth won't be protected if they are not actively wearing it at all times during practice or at games.

Know What To Do In An Emergency

The day may come where your child is injured while playing and actually loses a tooth. The key to making it through this traumatic incident is to know how to react in the moment. Review with your child what to do if they lose a tooth so that they do not cause more harm than good.

Always pick up the tooth by the crown instead of the root, since even the oils from your hands can harm the tooth. Place the tooth in a cup of milk or your own saliva to keep it moist, as opposed to plain water that can actually be harmful to the tooth's roots. If you don't have a cup on hand, you can actually place the tooth in your mouth and carefully hold it there to keep it safe until you can visit an emergency dentist.

Speak with your family dentist for more tips to protect your child's oral health while they play sports.