Missing A Few Teeth Due To Not Taking Proper Care Of Them? Get Dental Implants

Over time, not taking proper care of teeth can lead to problems. One of these problems is losing teeth. Once this happens it is important that you replace them. That's because not having them can make it difficult to eat and your other teeth may move toward the open space and cause even more problems. You should see a dentist to have the teeth replaced. One option you have is dental implants.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are there to replace each missing tooth. These implants are popular because once they are put in your gum they work just like normal teeth. You will treat them the same when brushing and flossing and will be able to eat anything that you want. However, you must have a healthy jawbone to do this. If you do not, more bone can be added which the dentist will take from your jawbone in a different area.

Getting dental implants is considered a surgery, and you will be put under anesthesia. This may be done at your dentist's office or if you are in bad health the dentist may choose to do this surgery in a hospital. 

It does take a few visits to get the full implants. In the first surgery, the dentist places the implant into your jaw and then covers the implant with your gum tissue. The implant will stay in for a few months to give it time to fuse with your jawbone. Once the implants are properly fused the prosthetic tooth will be made and inserted into the implant. This process is done in the dentist's office. You will be given a localized shot to numb the area first.

After the Surgery

When the dental implants are finished you may have a little bleeding around the area where the implant was placed. Your dentist can give you some gauze to bite on to help with this. Replace the pad if it becomes full of blood. You may only have to do this for about an hour after the surgery.

Do not brush your teeth the first day or allow any type of liquid to sit on the implant area. If you smoke, put down the cigarettes for a day and do not suck on straws or spit. Doing these things can cause the implant to dislodge. Your face may be a little swollen after the surgery, but this will go away within a day or two. If your face swells a lot put an icepack on the area.

Contact a dentist for more information regarding the dental implant procedure.