2 Tips To Heal A Mouth Sore Caused By Broken Wires On Your Braces

Individuals who wear braces for a number of years may experience a broken wire during this extended time frame. A broken wire can cause an enormous amount of discomfort since the end of the wire usually, scratches against the inside of your mouth. Constant scratching caused by the end of the metal wire can result in a sore against the inside of your cheek. It is important to find a way to heal this sore as soon as possible. Sores that are left untreated have a high chance of developing a bacterial infection. An infection can be even more troublesome to deal with. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to ensure that this does not occur.

Use a Salt Water Rinse Immediately

Once you notice that your broken wires have created a sore in your mouth, it is important to cleanse your mouth using a salt water rinse. Salt water may seem like a simple antibacterial rinse but it is extremely effective if it is used quickly and repeatedly. Cleanse your mouth after every meal with salt water to ensure that your sore remains free of contaminants. If you find yourself having to leave your home with a mouth sore, then you can create a rinse that you can take along with you. Fill a water bottle up with warm water and add a tablespoon of salt. Cover the water bottle and shake it until the salt has a chance to completely dissolve. Now you can make sure that your mouth remains clean even when outside of your home.

Avoid Aggravating Your Sore

If your sore is not extremely painful or noticeable, then it can be easy to stick to your normal routine. This may involve eating foods like nuts and steak or even using a toothbrush to clean your inner cheeks. However, these activities can end up aggravating your sore and make it worse. Therefore, until your sore fully heals, stick to eating foods that are not as aggressive your mouth. In addition, avoid using your toothbrush near your sore. Instead, you can stick to using a water floss to ensure that are does not have any food debris hiding around it.

The mouth sores created by broken wires on your braces can take a while to heal. Therefore, use these tips to ensure that your sore is taken care of properly until it heals. For more information, talk to a professional like Waterford Dental.