New Tech For Decreasing Orthodontic Adjustment Visits

No one likes to go in for adjustments for their braces. Fortunately, there are new technologies that help to minimize adjustments by cutting down on how many issues crop up during the process of wearing braces in order to correct your teeth. Here are some examples of technologies that will ensure you're going back to the dentist for corrections fewer times.


One problem that often occurs during braces use is that the "anchor teeth" move around too much due to the pressure put on them by braces. That's where surgical-grade screws made of titanium come in. These are also known as "temporary anchorage devices." They help to reduce the amount of time you spend getting corrections and they only require a small procedure to install.

Three-Dimensional Scanning

The old way of planning for braces often meant that dentists would have to figure out the best way to handle teeth corrections based on their best estimates from visual inspections. However, now that three-dimensional scanners are available, the planning becomes much easier. In other words, you end up with fewer mistakes that have to be corrected for later.

An example of this is the cone-beam scanners. These are a special type of CT scanning that creates a full model of the patient's jaw, skull, and the bones underneath. On a computer, you can move around and see this model of the patient from any angle that you want. This makes it much easier to plan orthodontic procedures.

It's a huge step up from trying to look only at the two-dimensional scans from conventional X-ray machines, for example.

3D Printers

It's now possible to print orthodontic equipment directly in the office or at least at a connected lab. These devices can print faster than the traditional approaches in many cases. The faster they are, the less time you'll have to spend waiting. It's also true that 3D printers can often print more accurately due to their construction and also due to the fact that they can use 3D models to get braces more accurate than what was possible otherwise.

Models about growth can be used in the computer to maximize the efficiency of the braces in the future in terms of how they have to be adjusted for growth and other changes. This also means that you can replace individual parts more easily with these newer systems than what was possible with the older ones. More information can be found at places like Braces Inc.