Pain From New Braces: Some Tips

Even if you know that your new braces will straighten and correct your teeth, the pain could be surprising. Throughout the first few days, there might be discomfort in your gums, teeth, and mouth. Luckily, it's manageable. Allow these braces suggestions to help.

Use Local Anesthesia

If you've only been taking traditional anti-inflammatory or pain medication like ibuprofen, you may be looking for something different. The teeth themselves might be hurting. One solution is to secure some local anesthetic medication at your local pharmacy or convenience store. These medication tubes are usually used for people in pain from cavities, but you can also use it to soothe your own teeth pain.  This medication comes in a gel form so that it can be squeezed out and put right on painful areas inside the mouth. You should have some real relief for a few hours.

Get Wax

Your cheeks, in particular, may be adjusting to the metal wires that are now in your mouth. If your braces are continuing to scratch them, a special dental wax is needed. By using a bit of it as a barrier, so the braces don't hurt your cheeks, the pain will decrease. Just take care to have the area as dry as you can so that the wax can adhere properly. Whether you keep your mouth in a smiling position for a few seconds and exaggerate breaths in and out or place a piece of tissue inside your cheek for a few minutes, the wax must set, so it remains where you put it.

Avoid Citrus Juice and Food

Even if you have loved orange juice since you were a child, you may want to hold off on drinking it until your mouth has healed. Braces installation may have caused minor cuts throughout your mouth. Citrus acid in juice will cause additional pain. Avoid grapefruits, oranges, and citrus-flavored items for a while.

Rinse with Saltwater

Any swelling will make your pain level rise. Salt, however, can bring that swelling under control if you're vigilant about repeated rinses with saltwater. Every few hours should be enough; ensure the water is hot and that you've got enough salt in the mixture to taste it as you rinse.

Your comfort should start to return once you're using these suggestions to handle new braces. Your dentist is also a superior resource; ask them if you should be trying additional pain-relief methods