Bleeding While Brushing? Rule Out These Potential Reasons

If you see blood in the sink as you spit after brushing your teeth, you don't have to automatically start to panic about your dental health. However, if you notice that this is becoming a regular occurrence, you may want to schedule a dental checkup to bring this matter to the attention of your dentist. You can also try to rule out some potential reasons for this blood, as they may not relate at all to your oral health. Here are some potential reasons that you might be bleeding while brushing your teeth that shouldn't concern you. If you aren't facing one of these situations, it's time to call your dentist.

Brushing Too Vigorously

Sometimes, vigorous brushing will leave you spitting a little blood. Perhaps you noticed that you jabbed your toothbrush into your gum and now it hurts — this can certainly produce a little blood. In other cases, you might have been brushing in a hurry and simply moved the bristles over your gums with too much force. Some people notice bleeding from vigorous brushing if they use a brush with stiff bristles; you may want to try a new toothbrush with soft or extra-soft bristles instead.

Aggravating A Canker

For some people, certain foods can cause cankers to grow in the mouth fairly quickly. For example, if you've been eating a lot of acid food such as citrus fruit, or been snacking on something with a strong and sharp flavor, such as sour candies, one or more cankers may develop. It's possible for these cankers to bleed on their own, but your brushing may also cause them to bleed. If you've noticed that your canker discomfort is more pronounced while you brush, and you're also seeing blood when you spit, you've likely just aggravated your canker.

Hitting A Bite Mark

Biting your lip, tongue, or the inside of your mouth can often be painful. You might do so in a variety of situations. Sometimes, you can just bite yourself while chewing food or gum, or even while talking. In other cases, an impact to your face — perhaps you're holding a small child who rears back and hits you with his or her head — can also cause you to bite yourself. These bites, in severe cases, can draw blood. This means that when you brush the area, the blood may return. If you're able to rule out that these three scenarios aren't at play, you'll want to schedule a visit with your dentist to discuss this issue.

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