3 Reasons The Cleaning Is The Most Important Part Of Your Dental Appointment

Going to see the dentist should be something that you do regularly. That will help you have the best oral health possible. Probably the most important part of seeing a dentist is dental cleaning. It is a routine part of your dentist appointment, but routine doesn't mean unimportant. So, why is cleaning probably the most important part of your appointment?

Gum Disease Prevention

One problem that plagues many people is gum disease. People don't always realize that they have gum disease because they think having a bit of bleeding from their gums when brushing their teeth is normal or inflamed gums are just ordinary. However, those are both signs of the early stages of gum disease. The dental assistant doing the cleaning can see those signs and can let you and your dentist know about them. The sooner that you are diagnosed with gum disease, the better. That lets you prevent gum disease damage to your mouth.


Another reason the cleaning is so important is that it will let the dental assistant look closely at your teeth. While they're looking at all of your teeth, they can see if any teeth look like they are starting to have cavities or that already have cavities. The assistant is not the one who will diagnose cavities, but they can point them out to the dentist. The dentist can look at their notes and see if they agree with the assistant that decay or a cavity is starting. Like gum disease, the sooner you can fill a cavity or get rid of decay, the better you'll be because it will keep you from being in pain and losing a tooth. 

Overall Oral Health

Cleaning is also essential because it lets your dentist judge your overall oral health. Gum disease and cavities are just two of the things that can affect your mouth's state. Other issues can affect your oral health, which the dental assistant or dentist can find while they are performing the cleaning. Some of the things that might show up during the cleaning can also affect your overall physical health. 

You may not look forward to seeing your dentist twice a year; however, seeing your dentist is very important. Getting your teeth cleaned every time you visit your dentist can help you in many ways. Plus, leaving the dentist's office with that freshly cleaned teeth feeling can be really nice.  

For more info about dental cleanings, contact a local dentist.