How To Make Sure Your Invisalign Treatment Is A Success

Braces are a popular treatment for crooked teeth and any form of dental misalignment. It can be very beneficial for ensuring that your teeth are functioning as effectively as they should and that they also look their best.  

Traditional metal braces have been used by those who wish to straighten their teeth for a long time but Invisalign has become a popular option. Invisalign will straighten your teeth without making it obvious that you are wearing braces. If you decide to straighten your teeth with Invisalign, here are a few things you can do to enhance your treatment.

Wear Your Aligners

You need to make sure that you are wearing your aligners as much as possible. Your orthodontist will usually tell you that you should only remove them when you are eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. 

If you don't wear your aligners as often as you should, you may stretch your treatment longer than is necessary. The more you wear your aligners the more comfortable they will fit. Over time you will become even more comfortable with each set of aligners that you get.

Oral Hygiene

While you are wearing Invisalign, good oral hygiene is necessary. Remember that food particles can get trapped in your Invisalign and also between your teeth. 

When these food particles break down they can wear away at your enamel and cause tooth decay even while you are undergoing Invisalign treatments. You need to be dedicated to brushing and flossing your teeth as often as you normally would while you are wearing Invisalign.

Embrace the Use of Attachments

Orthodontists often suggest that you get attachments during your treatment with Invisalign. Dental attachments are created when small specs of a dental bonding material are placed on selected teeth.

These attachments are then used as an anchor for your aligners to help keep them in place. You don't have to worry about others seeing these attachments as they are usually the same color as your teeth. Your aligners will fit better and this will enhance the effectiveness of your treatment.

Changing Your Aligners

Changing your aligners on time is also another great way for you to maximize your treatment. Follow the instructions for changing your aligners as much as possible. Also, keep them in as long as recommended. You should also ensure that you are using your aligners in the recommended order.

Getting the most out of your Invisalign treatment is a must. You want to make sure that when your treatment is completed you are pleased with the results.

Reach out to an Invisalign provider to learn more.