Do Both Of Your Kids Need Braces? 3 Strategies For Coping When Orthodontic Treatment Is A Family Affair

The teenage years have hit your house, and you knew that the day might come when you had more than one person receiving orthodontic treatment in your household. The good news is that you are fortunate to be able to get it all done at once, yet you wonder how you will ever survive with trying to keep two kids on track with their oral hygiene and appointments. Fortunately, it is possible to keep your sanity and help your kids develop beautiful smiles by using these three strategies. [Read More]

3 Reasons To Choose Professional Teeth Whitening Services Over Store-Bought Products

If you're unhappy with yellowing teeth, then it may be time to look into teeth whitening. As you begin to explore your options, you may find that there are both store-bought whitening products and professional whitening services offered by your dentist. Which one is right for you? While both options can be effective in whitening your teeth, there are many reasons to opt for professional teeth whitening services over store-bought products you use at home. [Read More]

Why You Should Not Ignore That Problematic Wisdom Tooth

Some people never have problems with their wisdom teeth. However, many folks do not have enough space for the eruption of their back teeth and end up in excruciating pain. Worse still, the back teeth can be daunting to keep clean with regular tooth brushing, resulting in serious dental complications. So what consequences are you likely to endure if you ignore complications with your wisdom teeth? Here is a look at signs that your wisdom teeth are problematic and could need extraction. [Read More]

Oops, I Lost a Filling! What Now?

If you've ever had a cavity in your tooth, the dentist probably fixed it with a filling made of gold, silver, or tooth-colored composite material. While dental fillings are a simple and useful way of solving the problems caused by cavities, they aren't meant to last a lifetime. The longest-lasting fillings are those made of gold or silver-amalgam; they have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. The lifespan of a composite filling is even shorter. [Read More]