How Is Sleep Apnea Treated By A Dentist?

Do you suffer from sleep apnea and wonder what you can do about it? If so, it is possible that your dentist can make you a sleep apnea appliance that will help you get through the night. Here is what you need to know about using their help to deal with sleep apnea.

Know Your Degree Of Sleep Apnea

The first step will be to have your sleep apnea formally diagnosed. If you are told that you have slight or moderate sleep apnea, then you will likely be able to get by using a simple sleep apnea appliance. This is likely due to a partial blockage of the airway that causes choking or gasping during the middle of the night, which results in not having a good night's sleep.

However, those that are diagnosed with severe sleep apnea might need a different type of solution. For example, a surgery can help open up the airways, and a CPAP machine can push the air through and open up the airways. Unfortunately, many people find that a CPAP machine is uncomfortable and difficult to wear regularly, and the feeling of having air forced into the airways can sometimes make it difficult to sleep at night. 

Know That A Dentist Can Make A Custom Sleep Apnea Appliance

Sleep apnea appliances are not something that you want to buy at the store and try out on your own. Chances are that it will not be comfortable and you will stop using it soon after you buy it. You actually need a dentist to custom make an appliance that works for you based on the position of your jaw, and you'll be fitted for the sleep apnea appliances to make sure that you keep using it. The end result will be an appliance that is made for the exact size of your mouth to ensure that it is as comfortable as possible. 

Know How A Sleep Apnea Appliance Works

A sleep apnea appliance works by forcing your jaw forward slightly to open up the airways so that you can breathe easier while you are sleeping. It is very similar to using a retainer at night since you put it in before you go to sleep and take it out after you wake up. The appliance has the ability to be adjusted as well, so you can make slight adjustments to how far the jaw moves forward if you find that it is not working for you. 

Contact a dentist for more information regarding sleep apnea oral appliances