What Your Child's Dentist Wants You To Know

Developing healthy dental techniques is critical. If your child is going to see a dentist soon, you may want to help them develop healthy dental habits. Pediatric dentists know that children have varying levels of dental health skills, but you can help encourage these skills by teaching your children these tips.

Brush at an Angle

Many people do not realize that brushing their teeth is most effective when it is done at an angle and in a circle. Children should learn to use different movements, typically circular, and brush at different angles to actually remove plaque buildup and to recognize what clean teeth feel like.

Use a Soft Toothbrush

Children should use a soft toothbrush. Soft bristles will not cause pain and irritation, which makes your child more likely to brush thoroughly and comfortably. Your child may benefit from a brush that is catered to children, as they are more likely to look forward to brushing when they have a brush they enjoy.

A soft toothbrush is also good because it prevents gum recession. Brushing hard with hard bristles can push the gums back over time. A soft but effective approach is best for brushing your child's teeth.

Floss With a Back and Forth Movement

Children often struggle to floss. Flossing can be difficult because children struggle to get the floss in the back of their mouth. Your child may use flossing picks more easily because they are small and easier to handle. Flossing is just as important as brushing, and it is often neglected even by adults. Your child can save themselves a lot of future cavities by learning to floss now.

Children also need to develop a strong strategy for flossing. They should floss back and forth, brushing against the teeth rather than simply between them. They need to touch against every surface.

Buy Mild Mouthwash

Children have a natural aversion to strong tastes like mint. All of this means that you might have to be careful with the mouthwash you try to introduce to your child. They may not like mint or mouthwash with alcohol. Instead, you might prefer something with a bubblegum taste or similar.

See a Dentist for More Tips

Your child's pediatric dentist will provide you with the information you need to help your child build healthy dental habits. Make an appointment with a dentist today to set your child up for success.